How to cut off a toxic person


It takes time to realize you are dealing with a toxic person, but once you do it’s time to do something against it.

I had been there before. You do not have to cut totally as long as you can handle it, but have your distance from them.

toxic person

cut toxic person

– Take some space and do not be involved in every drama they have.

– You don’t have to cut them totally, but set limits and don’t let them step over.

– Don’t give them an explanation of why you don’t want to be around them, probably they won’t even agree with you.

– Don’t argue them anymore, it drains you without any outcome.

– Respect your decisions.

– Be proud of yourself and don’t be ashamed.


Every person and situation different but when something is giving more negative moment than positive, it’s time to consider what is best for you.


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