What are the signs of a toxic person?

From time to time we can have toxic people in our lives and better to be aware of it. If you feel drained around certain people or not comfortable with someone, it’s time to check these signs. Better to know you have a relation with a toxic person than punish yourself.

I am not going to write down all of the scientific sides of it, only what I have learned/experienced so far.


sign of toxic people


– you are feeling emotionally exhausted by them

– they try to generate a guilty feeling in you (not doing something)

– they are control freak, want to control your life (who can you be friends with)

– they cannot take no

– they always have a paranoid/conspiracy idea

– they don’t respect your boundaries

I think someone who is always trying to be in a victim role to get what they want. At the meantime, they don’t respect your decisions and get mad or upset when you are step up and do whatever is good for you. They don’t understand you don’t want to hurt them, but you have your own life and decisions and don’t say yes for everything just to please them all the time. Also, I think their life is full of unnecessary drama and they are always complaining about it but not taking any advice to be in a better situation.

When you are not feeling uncomfortable around someone and try to avoid them – think, it might be a toxic person who you are dealing with.

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