What are the responsibilities of a friend?

I wouldn’t go into the obvious such as be there for each other when needed. But still… we need to start with it.

You text a friend and they don’t reply because they are busy – can happen. But if this getting into a habit, it is not right.


You text a friend to organize a night out to have a drink and chat and they say no because they are busy – can happen. Again, if this happens very often, it is not ideal after all.

Never take advantage of a friend to be there every time for you. They can find other friends who they don’t have to send many texts to get attention. They asking your time because they need you just they don’t say it. They might want to discuss something important with you. They might need advice on something but they don’t want to tell you over the phone. They might feel down and wants social time.

It is okay not to be available immediately, but try to make time for your friends as soon as possible. That’s what I call the responsibility of a friend.


Do you agree? 


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