Can you live without friends?

Absolutely no! I don’t even have to think about it. Do you?


My phone buzzed. I am at work and typing an email. I have a quick look on my phone’s screen and there is a name on it. I smile. My friend sent me a text…

Is the feeling familiar to you? 🙂

I love my friends and I always have a great time with them. I make time for us as often as possible. Of course, it depends on our schedule, family life and other commitments. When we don’t have time to meet, we text or call and keep each other on the loop.

It such a great feeling when you receive a text! Such a great feeling text back. Such a great feeling when your friends check on you. It must be a two-way thing!

And this is the problem sometimes. No matter how busy I am (and I am, believe me…) I always make time for my friends. Sometimes I don’t feel to get it back the same effort. No point to play games, be mad and not checking on them after they kind of ignore you. But, you definitely need to have a limit when you say stop.


With one of my friends, we used to work together years ago. We are not at the same company anymore and she is not even living in London, but we are there for each other! Texts, calls and meetings when she is in the city. Also, I have visited her in North England where she found her place.


One of my crazy Italian friends is a busy mom-of-two. But she is never too busy to send me a voice mail (love it 😀 ) or has – only – a half-pint not getting drunk (love you bitch 😀 :D).


I appreciate all of my friends and I am grateful to have them. Friends are your chosen family and definitely, you have to keep a precious friend when you find one.


Are you checking on your friend enough?



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