How to create a chores chart?

When you are one of the people who responsible for the cleanliness, better to have a working cleaning system when sharing chores is coming.

You might don’t need to have it at home, but better to have at work.

Working for a decent size company in healthcare sector as an Office Manager means you need to be top of the cleanliness. Luckily my co-workers are taking care of the office so I do not have to tip on anyone’s’ toe very often, but creating a chares chart doesn’t harm anyone.



How to do it then? It doesn’t have to be difficult, an easy spreadsheet can do the job.

  1. List all tasks that need to be done
  2. Separate them daily, weekly or 2x week, fortnightly and monthly
  3. Amend the list when needed

Don’t forget – cleanliness has a different meaning for everyone. Something is not cleaned enough for you is super cleaned for others. Appreciate the fact, that the person is doing their best.


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