Sharing chores equally – is it possible?

Cleaning, cooking, paying bills, shopping, laundry and many other things day by day.

But how do you share them with your partner, spouse or flatmates?

I could talk about women’s rights, men’s rights and equality.  I won’t do it, no worries 😀 It is enough that I would like to believe in its existence… Let’s believe in! It is up to you anyhow how you let people treat you.


Responsibilities and cleaning might be the first biggest problem after moving together with your partner. Probably, you have different expectations and urge to do things.


Fortunately/unfortunately (haven’t decided yet) I have high hopes and expectations, I am always active, I like to have everything to be perfect around me and the house have to be spotless. That was even worse years before… I start to let things go easy. Ah… let’s be honest, I am still working on it.

However, I have realized (after living together almost 2 years…) that my boyfriend does care and doesn’t want to piss me off not doing something, he just doesn’t think it is as important as I think. Certain things are not in his mind at all. But – and this is important – he does what I ask when he forgets stuff or doesn’t realize something has to be done.

Instead of being mad, I go another path. If I have to make a list for him then I will do it. If I have to ask him to prepare the food before I got home and start cooking then I will do it. He is happy, I am happy, everybody wins. 😀

Let’s face it, just because your partner doesn’t see the urge to do something, it doesn’t mean that you have to do it all the time by yourself. I am always saying, as long as you work the same hours, you must share responsibilities equally around the house as well. But it’s also true, you should have realistic expectations. If you want to do something unnecessary every week just because you are the only one who cares about, that it has to be done by you. Yeah…. accepted that.


Never play games…. ask help and do it together. Don’t wait for them to do it because it won’t happen at all and you will be pissed and doing it all alone.


What is your strategy for sharing chores?


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