Practical guide for Prague

I found very easy to spend four days in Prague. If you are thinking about to explore the city, here is a few practical advice which you can use. 


Get a 3 or 7 days metro/bus/tram ticket. You can use it as many times as you want. There is no big distance, but the ticket is cheap and you can make your way faster from A to B. Also, get a map of the metro from the information desk where you buy your ticket. Prague has 3 metro lines, it really easy to use it and the map makes it easier to find the right destination.


I am not foody, I like to stay on the safe side and not risk my dinner, but always try my boyfriend’s food and decide whether I like it or not. In Prague, we didn’t really find any particular new food to try. I found the taste of food similar to Hungarian food, which I was pleased with but I would have been interested in something new as well. If you are from a different country, I am sure you will have new tastes to try.

Cash or card

When we are going to abroad, we always bring a bank card which was made for vacation only because of the currency exchange. Well… I left my card at home, so we used my boyfriend’s only. So many places accept cash only, so better to have some with you. Trying to get money from an ATM they charged a lot, except Raiffeisen. It had the best exchange rate that we found.


If you want to buy a souvenir, there is no better or worse place to do it. Prices are more or less the same everywhere. We found a great market near Wenceslas Square, where we could check all stands and decide what and where to buy depending on the prices.


I was very surprised by the fashion. I have to say Czech people have a taste of regarding clothes. I would love to buy something but we didn’t waste time to do any shopping and the prices were really high – even compare to London.


We love to see the landscape of cities and of course, we couldn’t miss a chance in Prague too. We choose the Petrin Tower to go up and shoot a few pics. There is a fee (150 czech koruna) but the view worth it.


People are really kind and helpful, so whenever you need help or advice, just go and get it. Most of the people speak English and they are willing to help. Although, we were shocked who staff at restaurants are rude. At one of the places the waitress definitely didn’t have a good day, when she served soup to my boyfriend it almost landed in his lap, but no apologies after all. She was not even happy to answer any question that we have about a menu. We have the same experience in a burger place as well.

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