Four wonderful days in Prague

Finally, we grab our bags and headed to the airport. We had to catch our flight from Stanstead early morning which means we had to wake up at 3.30am to get the bus.

The journey to the airport was without any problem. We went through the security check where my bag was taken for an extra check-up. Why I always forget something to take out? I might need to start to pack my suitcase sooner than the last minute…. Hm…. We got into the plain after a long wait and landed in Prague roughly 2 hours later.

The first day in Prague actually was only half, but we were crawling along the city center and got the first impression of the city. I loved the Charles Bridge from where you could see both side of the city from River Moldva. The weather was amazing, a real summer which after London was a fresh air. Wearing proper summer clothes was an extra point for this holiday. At the end of the day, we had dinner at Vitopna Railway Restaurant where drinks were served by a toy train running to the tables.


The next three days are mixed up in my mind. I was happy to be there with my boyfriend, have a great time and exploring Prague together. We didn’t have an exact plan of what to do or when to do. We knew what we would like to see and let things flow naturally. We went for a pint and lunch when we wanted to and a direction where we wanted to see something interesting for us. We have seen Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock, Wenceslas Square, Dancing Building, Lennon Wall, Piss, Petrin Tower, St George’s Basilica, Television Tower, Letna Park, Observatory, Staropramen Beer Tasting, Vysehrad, Kutna Hora. I encourage everyone who is going to the city to check those places.

The buildings are beautiful and as clean as the streets are. In a park where you can buy a drink, you can get back money for a cup if you bring it back. Motivate people to keep their place clean is impressive. And people do! No trash on the streets, people use bins. Respect!


What I really loved is how people are helpful and nice. Only looking at the metro map and see which is the next stop the guy came to us and offered his help. The bus drivers were the same, they even waited for us when we needed to change some coins in the shop to be able to pay for a ticket. Most people speak English but someone who doesn’t, tries to understand what you want anyway.

Prague reminded me a bit for Budapest, which I love so much, I am very pleased with the city. Although, I have to say I didn’t have any big wow moment. I very enjoyed those days, but I won’t go back any sooner. I would recommend someone who wants peace in a big enough city, also wants fun but relaxed time. Definitely go for it!


The second part of my review is coming tomorrow when I have a few practical advice for you when you are in Prague. Join tomorrow again!

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