Why holidays are important

We all love holidays. Those days give us fun and rest. They give us a distance from our daily routine. If you think about whether you should go for a holiday this summer or not, here is my motivation why you must do.


I can say – for sure – holidays are good for health. Why is that?


– Holidays reduce stress: step out of your daily routine and responsibilities help you to take a breath and enjoy your time. Not everything is on you on those days.

– Increase creativity: distance from your tasks gives you other ways to think and find a solution. You can come up with new ideas when your brain has a break.

– Boost your mood: not worried about your usual stuff lead you to feel free and happy. You can live for a moment.

– Gives the opportunity to spend more quality time with your family and friends. You can avoid missing time together because you have other things to do.

– Build a bond with your family, partner or friends: having new experiences together help you to make a stronger bond with a person and feel connected more.

– Make you able to disconnect from problems: You cannot do anything about what you have left behind.

– Gives your energy and confidence back and calm you down. You will be more energetic once you back to your normal life.

– Gives a chance to have questions about your life, your plan, your goals, your decisions and your desire.


That’s why I love being away either for a short or long period. It gives me a break from my life which I love but it more gives me a chance to realize no matter how tired my plans make me from time to time, it worth to work on it.


What is your reason to go away?


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