What I have learned during looking for a job

Looking for a job when you don’t have and looking for a better job once you have something is two different things. Both have their own difficulties but they can destroy or even motivate you differently.

It is normal to have doubts in yourself and fear deep inside.

going after what you wantgoing after what you want

The first one or two weeks could be great. You are exhausted of everything, your soul is tired and you definitely need space and time to get energy. Get it! Then you are ready to jump back in reality, but nothing is coming. No interviews, no answers for applications… You try to convince yourself it is just a matter of time and you don’t have to rush these things.

You have a lot of free time finally! Use it wisely, ups and down will come and will be worse…  Even you want back normal and have a job, you have to realize that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Then you got it! It still not what you really want, but at least you get up every day and go to work. And you never give up! You know that something better is waiting for you out there. A lot of rejections will lead you somewhere better. You must believe it.

Then… hold on… what do you want exactly? Looking for… exactly what? You haven’t specified your dream! So how can you find something which you don’t even know what is exactly? Ah… here we go! Let’s analyze your thoughts, your dreams and desire and be honest yourself.

It takes time to find out the next step, but once you know it, step up for yourself and do whatever it takes. It won’t be easy, but stay positive.

The most important thing is to be happy about what you have achieved so far. You have a right to be proud for trying.


I hope this collection of my writing about the subject gives you energy and motivation to never give up!


Share your own experience under the post! 

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