Tools to help plan a holiday

There are a few tools I am using when planning a holiday.


– Skyscanner: find flight prices and times of departures and arrivals, different airports. You can use it for multiple cities which is really handy when you are traveling to different countries in the same period.

– the best for me. You can check the distance from the city, cleanliness, other guests’ feedback, prices, pictures of the rooms, breakfast is included or not, check in and out time, other facilities such as gym/swimming pool if it is important for you. After 3 and 5 completed bookings you get 10% and 15% discount from each booking.

– Revolut card: I have tried already when I was in Portugal. You need to apply for the card which can be sent to your address within 7 days. You need to upload money (your current currency) then exchange it to the other currency. The exchange rate is the daily rate. Once you have done it, you can use the money immediately.

– App: depends on the destination you can find many great apps which had an offline/online map, tips where to go in the city and what to check.


Do you have more great tool to use? Share with us!


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