One week left

I love traveling. I have never had a lot of chance to explore many cities before I moved to London. One more score to London on the pro and contra list 😉

I have met a lot of wonderful people who I became friends and travel with. Also, my boyfriend loves traveling as well, so it is perfect then.


The next trip is to Prague and only one week left. I am so excited. I am going with my boyfriend who was there before but only two days and he got only a taster of the city. This destination was his idea and I love how excited he is as well!


Being a bit control freak (in a good way only :D) I have prepared everything for the trip. We bought the plan tickets weeks ago when our holidays was approved, we reserved the accommodation and even bought the bus ticket to get to the airport. Prices are changing a lot, so I was about to get it done everything as early as possible. We have checked places to see and programs to choose from. Getting older I try to avoid unnecessary stress from my life 😀

I cannot wait for more this 4-day-holiday. Since I started my new job, I haven’t had any time off and the last few months were busy and crazy enough, so this is our well-deserved nothing-to-care-about-at-all time.

I am coming back with a review of the city once I am back to reality. 🙂


What is your plan to go next? Share with us, someone might be inspired by you! 🙂


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