How to think ahead

Next week I am going on a well-deserved holiday to Prague.  I have never been there before so I am really excited about the city. I heard it is similar to Budapest, which is my favourite city in my country so I cannot wait to see with my own eyes.

I like to prepare my holidays/programs in advance to be sure everything matches.

Here are a few tips on how you can plan your life without any stress. 😉 – or at least keep it in a minimum. 😀


– Check your schedule. I use Google Calendar. The best for me. It is on my phone so I can see my schedule anytime I want.

– Use colours. It helps you see straight which program is confirmed, which can be re-scheduled, which has deadline etc.

– Have a few ideas about where to want to go. You need to consider your budget, your timeframe (can be a long-weekend only or a week or so), who you are going with.

– If you have a few options then check the prices. You might choose a destination but the prices are out of your budget. In case good to have a plan B destination which can be less expensive.

– Place your holiday request. It can take time to be confirmed.

– Once you have permission, you can start to plan.

– I would suggest buying the plan/train ticket first because they are changing very fast.

– Then you can look for accommodation. It requires more time to choose the right one.

Consider the distance from the city, cleanliness, other guests’ feedback, prices, pictures of the rooms, breakfast is included or not, check in and out time, other facilities such as gym/swimming pool if it is important for you.

– Check the currency you need to use and decide how to exchange them Using a bank card or get cash.

– Check your clothes. I know it sounds silly, but nothing is worse than realizing you don’t have enough summer clothes or bikini to bring with you. Are your shoes comfortable enough for a long walk?

– The most exciting part is to check photos of the place you go and find programs to do. 🙂


What is your routine before a holiday? Leave a comment!


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