How London helped me to be open-minded

I am a different person than I was in my twenties. Sometimes I was really judgemental, but for a couple of years back I have been changed a lot. Years helped me. Or situations. Friends. Experiences. Life.

But mostly London helped me.

I have never judged people because of their lifestyle. If it was okay for them, I was okay with me. There were things I have never could imagine to do but I didn’t judge them. I supported them with being with them. I only judge people when they are in an unpleasant situation, and complaining about a lot, but they don’t want to change. I believe that the key is in our hand and we must do something for ourselves.


Moving to London taught me how strong I am. How many things I can solve or survived, it gave me strength especially when I had to start my life from scratch.

Also, London gives me an opportunity to travel around the world which is another amazing opportunity to see and learn more about different cultures.

You don’t need to move to abroad to be open. It is kind of a mindset… I am not even sure. Maybe only personality and someone can do, someone cannot.

For sure, if you want to be less judgemental, try to find the grey area – not everything is black and white!


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