How to be open minded    

I like to believe that I am open-minded enough. I was not always like I am today.

London helped me a lot to build my confidence and broaden my mind.


be open-minded

If you want to be less judgemental, try the following these things.


– Try to imagine yourself in others’ shoes

– Try to understand others’ situation and options

– Talk to different people as many as you can

– Don’t judge without understanding it

– You don’t have to agree with something or like it, just understand the point of view

– Know more about the subject

– See the advantages of different beliefs

– See how far a person can go with their beliefs that unusual for you


It takes time to analyze beliefs. You do not have to follow it at the end, the only thing you need to do is to be open towards it and try to understand without instant judgment.


Would you like to add something on the list? Leave a comment!


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