Moving abroad checklist

made my decision and moved to London. It wasn’t as easy as it seems. I read hundreds if not more blog posts, websites, forums looking for every information and details which could help me to be expert of England even before landed there.


What are those things that help me?

blog/website/forums: there is no good or bad page to find. For me, every page I found was useful, even reading the same information over and over. It helped me believe that the particular thing is right. So many people said that you don’t need an agency to help you, everything can be done by you.

how to rent a room: it can be difficult to find a room overseas. You have to trust in pictures on the internet and the person’s word that it will wait for you once you there.

how to open a bank account: need to find the right bank. Some of them ask a contract, NI, proof of ID, proof of address. When you new, you do not necessarily have contract straight. Different banks require different documents.

how to exchange currency: better to do at home before traveling.

checking list

so many questions

how good is your language: you can live without a good language, but for me was essential to choose a place where I can use English.

how to use transport: in London, we needed an oyster card. A plastic card which can be bought in every kiosk and top up with money.

how much money you have to bring with you to survive a few weeks: everybody has a different lifestyle and desire, but at the beginning, we need to calculate with a minimum – rent, food, transport.

what documents do you need to arrive in a country: from EU countries ID is still enough. I didn’t have passport, so it was great for me.

listen to your feelings: I knew from the beginning that it will be a great journey and I haven’t regretted it for 5 years so far.


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