Why and how I decided to start over in a foreign country

I realized I have never written about how I started my life in London. I was wondering why… I think because living in London is natural for me. I found my home here.

We all have the big decision in our lives which needs to be made without knowing the outcome. Have feelings about it – good and bad, doubts, fear, opinion, pro and contra argument.

The thought comes in our mind, stays there, bothers us every day and we know that sooner or later we need to say the final words.

My big decision was to move to London. I was in a relationship in which we both have loans to pay back. We both have decently paid jobs as well, but not enough to pay back everything sooner than decades. Decades! And believe me, I calculated everything, so many scenarios! And I didn’t want to wait to be forty-something to start my life and be able to save money for an own house.

moved to London

So the idea of living in England popped in our minds. I started searching for information about everything – literally. About areas to live, salary, opportunities, career, language. I read hundreds of forums, websites, blogs about how to start. How to open a bank account, how to use transport in England, how to rent a room, how to use English currency, how to exchange money, how many money you need to start, how soon you can get a job, which agency you have to go to get a job, how long our money will be enough. I even calculated which is the last day that we need to find a job, otherwise we are running out of our money and have to go back home. You can imagine that… We didn’t have family or friends who could give us advice.

Weeks and weeks searching to prepare myself – and jump. Jump in everything. I rent a room on Facebook (to be honest we were lucky to find a decent landlord with the promised room on the sent pictures – it could have been worse hearing stories after all), bought a flight ticket, give a resignation and pack a suitcase.


Do you have a similar story? Share with us!


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