When to start fresh

You feel it. Always have a point when you cannot do it anymore. You need something new. A new house, a new job, a new friend or a new life.

I started to feel that something is missing or wrong 5 years ago. I was in a relationship, I had a decent job, I had my diploma but still… life seemed to be empty and I was not happy.

start fresh

start fresh

I made a pro and contra list and decided to start over.

Do you have similar feelings? Where they are come from?

What you are not happy about? Can you change them?

Is it a temporary or permanent thing/feeling?

Would you like to try something else but your fears hold you back?


So many questions but if you are honest with yourself, your feelings will tell your truly desire.

Give time for yourself and listen to your heart. Making a decision took me months when I knew I cannot wait more because I found my answers. Come back Wednesday for this!

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