How to reduce expenses

reduce expenses

I really believe you don’t need money for having a good time. There are many things to do without spending a penny or running out of your budget.

I also believe you can reduce your expenses only pay attention to your financial situation.

Let’s see what you can do.


– Drink your coffee at home: I used to work a place where I don’t have a key and I had to sit in a nearby coffee shop until someone opened the place. By the end of each month, I was shocked at how much I spent on only morning coffees. After, I bought a bottle of water or a small biscuit to spend less.


– Check your bank card every now and then. I like to check a few times a week to catch anything. When I was looking for a job, I had a premium LinkedIn but only for the free trial month, but they charged the first month as well. I couldn’t get the money back, but I cancelled the premium package before they took more money.

– Check every subscription that you have so far. I used to have a subscription for a writing magazine, which I was interested in and thought I can learn a lot. After a while I realized, it is not for me (not what I was looking for) but still received the magazine every month. Delete those subscriptions that don’t serve you any longer.

– Try different food for a discounted price before you pay full.

– Also, check the discounted prices of food in the supermarket. Just because something has expired day, doesn’t mean you cannot use it at all. Only, the shop cannot sell it anymore. With this option, you help saving food as well.

Prepare your food at home. It saves you to buy an expensive take away one.

– Use your internet to make a call (on social media has an opportunity). I have an unlimited phone package so I don’t use this tip, but a few of my friends do it.

– Check free programs. A lot of museums are free. It could be a great day to explore cultures.

– Go to the park with your friends. Instead of going to a pub and buy a drink, get some drink and snack at the local shop and go to the park. Check if you have any public toilet nearby. 🙂

– Watch a movie at home. If you want to see a movie, but you don’t want to spend on cinema, chose something from the television or borrow from your friend. You cannot see all movies in the world – yet. 🙂

– Sleep on something that you want to order. Better to wait then regret it.


This is my list from head. Do you have other advice? Please share with us!

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