How I learned to save money

What does saving money mean?

What does reduce expenses mean?


I think these are the questions of what everybody has their own opinion. Meaning of rich and poor is different for everybody. Something could be enough for me, but not for you. We have different lifestyle and desires. And this is absolutely fine.

I never spend money like there is no tomorrow, but also, I never mortify myself, because I want something but I don’t want to waste money. I see my real situation and keep balance.

reduce expenses

I am willing to go out and have a great time, also, I am happy to find programs where I don’t have to spend at all. Sometimes I stress myself , because I think I don’t have enough, then realize I am okay. Does it sound familiar for you too?


I think the best way to learn how to save money when you have exactly what you need. You have enough for a decent life (you have a roof over your head, food to eat, clothes to wear) and a little bit extra which can be spent on holiday, gym membership even, cinema, theatre from time to time.




I always keep an eye on my financial situation and know when I need to stand back and think about twice when I want to renew my gym membership. Probably I won’t do it this time, 😀 but because I don’t go there as often as worth it. When I have a tight budget and want to go for a holiday, I chose a close destination and get out of the town for 2-3 days. Travelling is cheap, you can bring sandwiches with you (for the first day), accommodation is cheap and you are still on a vacation.




As long as you don’t feel guilty to buy something and you can pay your bills without a problem, you are doing well. You have to know how much is enough for you and how much saving you need to keep you safe. We live once, so don’t let yourself to be irritated because of fear of having or not having enough. Pay attention and learn when you have to reduce your expenses and find alternatives for what you want to spend on.

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