Lovely idea to reduce your food waste – too good to go

I definitely don’t like to throw away food. Probably, because I was taught this way. Also, because there are many children and grown up in different countries – small or big – who are not lucky enough to get food every day. They are happy to have whatever and whenever they get.

That’s why I was happy to find this lovely idea (and app) – Too good to go


reduce food waste


I was searching on social media when I see an ad. I didn’t know what is it about, then I checked.

The basic idea to get a magic box from restaurants, coffees, bakeries, sushi shops etc. for a discounted price. The magic box can contain anything from a particular shop, but you don’t know what you will find in it.

I have already tried 2 places. One of them was a Malaj restaurant close by. I always wanted to try their food, but I wasn’t sure how I would like it, and I didn’t want to pay for something which I don’t eat at the end. The other place was a Persian inspired bakery, from where I was curious about how different their pastries could be.

I was not disappointed at all with either one. The portion was big enough for the price and I could decide whether I would eat there or not.

Small hint: I will 🙂

Once you download the app, you can search from many places depending on location. All places are given a period when you have to collect the food. It is better to choose a close place to your work or home to be sure, you are able to pick up your magic box. When you made all of your decision, you need to pay by card or via paypal.


I would really recommend someone who likes to try different cuisine and wants a taste of it!


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