How to get meal prep ideas

Search, search, search!

This is my best advice before you start to plan your meal! I know how hard is to find the right meal for weeks but if you do your weekly planning will be so much easier.

I have searched a lot and here is my list so far:

  1. Check a few recipes and cooking website.

– – this is a newly found site for me as well, so I am still haven’t tried everything, but it looks good at first sight. There is an app version as well.

  1. Applications:

– calorie counter

– meal prep ideas

– recipe

Those apps have a blog where you can find recipes. You can choose categories, under xxx calories or including given ingredients. Get a few ideas from there at the beginning then you can change it when you have more experience.

  1. Follow nutritionist or food lovers on Instagram. They post recipes with photos in their feed.


You don’t need to find recipes for the rest of your life. Find a few to start and spend an hour every week to find new ones and combine them. After a while, you get some ideas from head.

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