The Benefits of Meal Planning

I have tried so many times… I have made a plan. I searched for recipes. I checked new methods that I believed in. I scheduled my workout. But nothing worked.

Then my best friend invited me to her wedding and boom! This was it. The moment. I knew I need to stick to it.

I would like to be in good shape and buy a nice dress. I was never fancy of super girly dresses and stuff like that. But now – I don’t know why – I want it. 🙂


So I asked one of my friends who is a nutritionist to make a meal plan for me. She did only the first week and then I plan my weekly meal and search for new recipes. It has been working so far!

It requires less time than I expected. I find out what to eat for each meal, write it down, do the shopping list, shopping and cook everything at one go. Most of the food can be frozen, so they are not ruined in the fridge. I take out of the freezer the day before I need.

I had always struggled to plan what to cook and eat. So many times, I ended up to eat something easy but not healthy, especially when I was busy and nothing was at home.

I am really motivated about this planning because I do not have to worry or think about what to eat tomorrow because I have already had a plan and also, it is cooked already!

It works for me very well. I am more organized, it saves my time, it is healthy and I don’t feel guilty to eat something which could make me fat. Also, motivate me to do workout regularly!


If you ever think about to be more prepared, this is the way and time to start!

Let me know how it is for you!  🙂

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