How to make a meal plan

I had always struggled to plan what to cook and eat. Usually, I ended up eating junk or some takeaway, when I was busy and I didn’t have time to go shopping and cooking before I started starving.

This has been changed since my friend helped me only 1-week plan! I was really motivated (with some other personal reason) and realized it doesn’t take much time to plan and organize everything for a weekly plan. Actually, believe it or not, it is even easier than find out what to eat tomorrow.

Here is my advice:

  1. Sit down and create 7 days table. You could use Excel or paper. I use Excel because it faster to copy and paste and it is more clear for me.
  2. Leave space for Breakfast, Lunch, Snack and Dinner each day.
  3. Check your weekly schedule. When do you have meetings? When do you go out?
  4. I start with Breakfast and Snack because it is easier to mix them. Choose a few options for each and mix them during the week.

For breakfast, I usually eat porridge, yogurt with berries or raspberries or eggs. A snack could be nuts, fruits or smoothie. I check what my work schedule is and choose which will be the best option for the day.

  1. Then I start to plan lunch and dinner together. I eat meat (chicken, salmon, fish, turkey, meatball) and different sides (sweet potato, rice, veggie such as broccoli, cauliflower, pea, mixed salad). Usually, the same meat could be rotated 2-3 times during a week either for lunch or dinner. Because all of them are easy and not fat, could be perfect for any time.
  2. Write down what ingredients do you need for a week and do the shopping.
  3. Use a lunch box for preparation.

You can find many websites to get some ideas, recipes and advice. For some tips, come back on Thursday.

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