How to make a relationship work

One day my boyfriend came home and was talking about his day at work. He said that he had a colleague who was complaining about her relationship. She is with her boyfriend around a year now, but they don’t really go anywhere or hardly spend time together. They are sitting at home when they have time together but they haven’t had a normal day off together for months. They are working at the same fast food company, where easy to request a particular day off.  I am just saying…

I was thinking then why they don’t ask for a day off. Why they are not going out of the house when they have at least an afternoon free? Why they are not going to drink a glass of wine? Why they are not going to the park when having good weather? Why they are….

Yeah, it is easy to complain about problems, but most of the times the solution is in our hands. You have to work on your relationship (the same apply to friendship by the way, but this is another story).

How to make a relationship work

Doing programs doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive or you have to spend money at all. There are many opportunities when you can have an amazing time with someone without paying a penny.

I am lucky because my boyfriend is always willing to do programs together, go to new places, try new things, or just go to the park. We always make sure to have at least an afternoon or day to do something together out of the house.

If you think a part of your relationship is not working as well as you wish for, try to find a solution. You always can improve your relationship, you just have to find what part needs more attention.


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