How can you improve your relationship?

 When you are in a relationship, after a certain time you are able to see the other person strength, weakness, blemish, what you really like in your relationship and what you really don’t like.

Sometimes you probably are thinking it is a good or bad idea to continue it.

When you are not sure whether worth to keep trying to save your relationship or not, make a list. Be honest yourself! Nobody sees your thoughts, notes, list, it only serves you to help for your doubts and realize which part needs to be fixed.

How can you improve your relationship?

– What is a good part of your relationship? Be grateful!

– What is a bad part of your relationship? Can it be fixed?

– How is your partner personality? Can it be changed?

– How is your partner treats you? Are you a queen or king of your partner?

– How is your partner thinking about your future? Are you in the same place?

– Does your partner listen to you? Listen but maybe forget things? Can you live with this?

– Does your partner do things you ask for?

– Does your partner try to change and make better what is knowingly wrong between you?

– How does your partner behave with your family?

– How does your partner behave with your kids?

– How does your partner behave with your friends?


Ask as many questions as you want and analyze. Once you know what the problem is, you can find a solution on how to improve or fix it.


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