9 ways to make friends as an adult


  1. Meetup
  2. Volunteer: offer your free time of any organization which are you interested in. You can meet new people and build your skills and knowledge as well. Kill two birds with one stone!
  3. Accept invitations: are you invited for a coffee by someone who barely knows you? Say yes! If you have a good feeling about the person, then go and have fun.
  4. Know your friend’s friends: just because they are one of your friends’ friends doesn’t mean you cannot be their real friends. Talk to them when you are at the same party or dinner.
  5. Get to know your neighbours: have you had a few chit chat with your neighbour on the street? Invite them for a cup of coffee next time.
    9 ways to make friends as an adult
  6. Have a drink with your workmates after a long shift: it is a good way to befriend with your colleagues.
  7. Join a sports club, music club etc: if you have favourite free time activity, then look for a club. You can share your interest with the members.
  8. Customer from your workplace: you probably have a nice short daily chat with your regular customers, then organize something together to have longer conversations.

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