Do you have enough friends?

One of my great friends told me about Meetup years ago.  It is a great way to get out and socialize, make friends, learn new things, spend time with others.

You can search for groups (book club, women’s football club, climbing, meditation, dog walking, photography) or events near you or anywhere if you are willing to travel.

There are categories such as outdoors, tech, family, health, sports, learning, food and drink, language, writing, music, pets, dance, fashion etc.

Do you have enough friends?

If you don’t find a particular group that you are looking for, then start a new one! Choose a location, choose a topic, give a name to the group and write a short description of it.

I highly recommend to check it and search groups and events which could be interesting for you.

I have never attended an event because at the beginning I was afraid to go alone and mainly their timing are not good for me. But I am always keeping an eye on events and I am definitely planning to go once!


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