Will everything work out in the end?

I used to believe there is no reason why something happens to us. When I failed, I didn’t get what I applied for I always thought that I am so unlucky and it could have been my chance. But no. Then so many times I got even better things than I expected.

Slowly and slowly I started to believe that everything happens for a reason. I am not saying that we don’t have a chance to create our circumstances. We need to work hard on something we want to reach and make decisions along the journey. But also, I am saying, that we might don’t have the courage to believe that we can get the best, and that’s why we would say to okay for something average. But the average is not ours, we deserve the best!


Two examples of this.

1. After secondary school, I didn’t get a place in the chosen university. I had excellent grades, but no extra points and it turned out was not enough. We didn’t have money to pay for the education fee (which would have been an option) so I went to another school to learn Office Management. This course included fast typing lessons and I was already a fan of it. I typed whole books for fun! I might was (be?) a weirdo… hm 😀

BUT without this course, I wouldn’t get a secretary job while I still was a university student a couple of years later. This job gave me a chance to support my family with money and finish university at the same time.

The denial letter was devastating, but 6 years later it turned out just fine. Finally, I understood why I had to miss a year from uni.

Will everything work out in the end?

2. I never move to England if I don’t have a loan to pay back. I helped my mum with it but then I had to pay back and the only way I saw was living in a foreign country.

Do I mind? Not at all! I found my home which I love!


After all, I believe that everything happens for reason. It still hurts when something bad or disappointing happens but I know that something better is coming for me.

Think about it, why things are happening to you and what are the benefits of it. I am sure you will find your answers.


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