How to be proud of yourself


1. Make a list of your goals: these can be small as to make a healthy dinner or organize your wardrobe or big as getting a diploma or losing 10 kg. It is up to you as long as you have something to work on.2. Look after your body: Eat and sleep well (and workout). When your body is healthy your wellbeing gives you more confidence.

3. Find your perspective: You might not be the best guitarist in the world, but you are the best one amongst your friends. It is already an achievement that you can be proud of.

How to be proud of yourself

4. Leave comparison behind: You are not in a competition with anyone, expect yourself. Stop comparing yourself to someone who has something (long leg, straight hair, 6 pack abs) that you haven’t. You have different – good! – things.

5. Focus on your efforts to make: Don’t rate yourself how fast or easy you can accomplish something. Think about all of the effort, time and energy that you put in it.

6. Give time: you are still growing and working on you and your life. Things are in progress!

7. Make a list that you are already proud of.

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