Be proud of yourself for how hard you’re trying

Trying, trying, trying – these are the 3 keywords I can advise you. Nothing else.

Do you have dreams to reach it? Do you have plans for the future?

If yes, you cannot give up! Never!

I have lost myself in the last 7-8 months. I was in a good place before, I had a good job (okay… let’s clarify the meaning of it… ah…. so I was in marketing assistant position – first marketing job in my life, and I had a decent salary). I was proud of myself, I could see that things are getting better and better. Then made a decision to leave my job and I ended in a low-paying office job in a crazy place! 😀 Don’t get me wrong, I got a lot of experience and lovely colleagues who became friends, but it was not my place. Silly thing, but I was not proud of myself and I couldn’t help it. I kept trying to get a better paid job or/and marketing job, but it didn’t happen. I tried different ways and I finally find a solution to work with a marketing guy from who I can learn a lot and get more experience. I got my faith back.

This stage came with a new job! Unbelievable! I started looking for a job again, and literally a week after I send a few applications, I got a new job! I believed that I still can do better and the positive thought and feeling proved themselves.

Be proud of yourself for how hard you’re trying

I am proud of myself again, not just because I got a better job, but because I kept trying and never lost my faith. Those experiences needed to end a place where I am not (regarding the marketing side and the new job site).

One of my ex-colleagues is in the same situation as me. She keeps trying to get her place in nutritionist field, but it hasn’t happened so far. She tries to find a tutor/consultant to help her with a few information about how to start her own business, but she only finds dead-ends. Until now! After years for her as well, she finally found someone who is willing to help her.

Everything is in place at the moment!


When you keep trying no matter what and believe yourself things will come. We don’t get anything easily, but we get it when there is a time for it.

Keep trying and never give up! Your dreams will find you just believe!

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