6 benefits of facing your fears


1.The positive feeling of step up for yourself
Once you face your fears, all physiological symptoms that might have (sweating, faster heartbeat or anxiety) gone.

2. Proudness
Face to fear gives you a feeling of proudness of yourself. A big step gives self-confidence you to be brave next time as well.

3. What is your fear?
Name your fear and analyze whether it has a real danger on you. Sometimes we are afraid of something which doesn`t have a chance to happen to us. Be sure your fear is real.

6 benefits of facing your fears

4. Come up with a solution
Once you know what is your fear, you can start working on it.

5. Develop your courage
You are brave when you have to. Without fear, you are standing in your comfort zone and you don`t have a chance to improve your personality.

6. Experience
Having fear gives you an opportunity to do something which important for you. Doing something always leads you to get more experience and knowledge of it and next time you will be worried about less.

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