Why is it important to overcome your fears

It is important to overcome your fears

For how many things you haven`t even give a try because you were afraid?

How many times did you regret not doing anything because you were afraid?

How many times you were thinking to do anything but you were afraid to do it?

How many missed chance that you have had already?


Eh… yeah… we all have a few (or lot! ah… those memories are still painful).

I remember when I wanted to have a gym membership a few months after I moved to London but my online registration was not working somehow. I went to the gym, the staff kindly told me how to apply (which was exactly the same as I did), but then I was too afraid to ask more questions about it. I went home, I did it again and it was still not acceptable. I was mad because of my own stupidity and fear. I felt ashamed.

I have so many examples as so do you!

Why is it important to overcome your fears

But you know, I think when we really have enough and can see how many opportunities went out of the window, because we were not brave enough, we can start to step up on the first stair and left fear behind.

I had a period (still has sometimes) when I was looking for a job, but I haven`t sent my applications, because I didn`t feel good enough for the position. Then once suddenly something clicked in my mind and I felt fed up to not getting what I really want and since then I was sending applications for even higher positions that I had. And guess what? I got a manager position at the end! Without the proper experience!  More about this, later 😉

But my point is don`t hassle yourself. If you are not ready to face your fears, it is okay. There will be a time, when you feel it, that you have to do something against it. You will feel it! We always know the right moment. Until you have that peaceful moment, you can practice on how you can fight your fears.

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