11 ways to fight your fears


1. Face to your fear – name it what are you afraid of. You can solve a problem once you know what is it exactly.

2. Get information – sometimes we have fear towards something that we don`t understand. Will you have a doctor treatment that you don`t know what will happen? Be informed. Don`t stress yourself without getting the necessary facts.

3. Prepare yourself – imagine scenarios, get others opinion, read examples or blogs, watch videos etc. If you have an idea what can happen when you face your fear you might get less nervous.

4. Visualize the positive outcome of different scenarios – mindfulness is always helpful and boost your energy.

5. Have a positive attitude and believe in yourself – we all have doubt in ourselves, but with a `can do attitude` most of the things are easier. It leads to keep trying after others give up.

6. Realize when fear stops you – you need to know when fear is overwhelming and affect your life. Going out, changing a job etc. Be aware of what level is normal and what needs to be action. How much is it hold you back to do something?

11 ways to fight your fears

7. Be grateful – when fear comes to think about all of those steps that you have achieved already. You had had fears before but you took them over.

8. Talk to your friends, family – saying out problems loud is a half way finding a solution.

9. Read positive stories/watch documentaries of others successes – how they went through all of those fears that you have. You are not alone!

10. Get inspired – find a well-known person who you admire and check their life stories. You will be surprised at how many shits they had been through.

11. What`s the worst that could happen? Does it matter in 5 years time or even a week? If not, leave it. If yes, check this list again!

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