Keys to making a good decision

  1. Specify your problem: what is the topic or question for that you need to find a solution.

E.g: which course you want to start, what are those courses that you are interested in?

  1. Collect all of the information that you need to consider your options.

E.g: How much is it? What materials that you need to have or buy? Where to find a course?

  1. Set up a time-frame: when can you start it (depends on your other commitments and finance), how long does it take to finish it (if you need a course to change your job probably a 3-5 years course is not an option but a short one which gives you an entry job could work).

E.g: How long does it take to finish each course?

making decision
  1. Which tools do you have to start it already?

E.g: You know someone who can teach you regarding your other commitments is already a better option than taking fix time classes.

  1. Consider consequences, advantages and disadvantages

E.g: How your decision will affect your current life and others? Having a course and a full-time job could leave less time for you to spend with your partner.

  1. How each option can help you to reach or get closer to your final goal?

E.g: Doing a nail maker course could be one of your interests but it won’t give you a manager job in a law firm.

  1. Making a decision: Having and considering all the information that you need to make a good decision.


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