Importance of making decisions in life

Making a decision is not always easy. You might struggle what to do when you have more options or when you don`t know what will be a good way to go for.

I always write down my options, collect information and calculate every circumstance. If you like to do the same, I can recommend ‘good decision making’ sheets which can help you to see your options better.

Lately, I struggle to get in good shape and lose a few kilos. Haha we all have this problem I believe! 😀 Then I had received an invitation for my best friend wedding in September, and suddenly I know that this is the time when I have to make a decision on how to get it done. So I have started to plan my workout days and my daily meal. I have checked workout sites where I found a lot of different exercises, also checked videos how to use different equipment before I used them for the first time. I have downloaded applications which help me to keep on track. Because everything is in order and planned, this is my third (only, but keep going!) week to stay on board! 😀

good decision

When the decision is good, you have positive feelings about it and you are motivated. When the decision is against your desire, you cannot keep it for long and you are not happy about it. Listen to your heart – as classic music say 😀

Re-think your plan is always an option and necessary during the journey, so don`t be afraid to change on your plan when it necessary. I have changed on my workout plan a lot, reducing working days (from 6 to 4 because I cannot manage with my work schedule), changing exercises or even workout time (ah… afternoon is not for me, rather go early morning before work :O shocking…).

Long story short, making a decision is extremely important to go along with your life! It doesn’t have to be done in a day, often it a long period, but only the outcome count!

Good luck 😉

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