10 benefits of work-life balance

I believe you must take time from your work/study and allow free time for yourself. Reading a good book, watching a favourite series, being out and about etc. help you to get back on track. Your brain need break from your daily routine. Do not push yourself in every minute!

  1. Boost your productivity: you can focus on your task better when you are relaxed.
  2. Wellbeing improves: you know that you are working on your important tasks and also, you have time for yourself. It gives you more positive feeling about your day.
  3. Enjoying work and study: after a break, you will be more pleased to continue your work.
  4. Less burnout: when you have free time to do what you like, you can come back to your duties with more interests.work-life balance
  5. Pay more attention, make fewer mistakes:  When you step away from your work you can focus on it better once you come back to it. Your brain needs time to process everything.
  6. Working more doesn’t mean more things done: just because you are working on something for hours, doesn`t mean you really doing efficient work on it. You can sit on the task, wasting your time and still not going anywhere just because you are tired.
  7. Less stress: knowing that you keep everything in balance help you to get less stressed.
  8. Mindfulness: when you don’t have to worried about other things during your work, you cannot be distracted easily.
  9. Recharge your energy: we all need to avoid burnout (number 4) from time to time. After a carefree day everything looks easier.
  10. Feeling satisfied: Such a good feeling when everything is under control.


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