Why work-life balance is important

Do you have an important deadline to hit?

Do you have a birthday party to attend? And you still need to buy a present?

Do you have to finish your essay asap?

Do you have to find a dress for a wedding next week?

Do you have… ah… the list could be endless.

After a while, it easy to get a nervous breakdown (not in a medical turn, but surely most of you know what I mean!) and get stressed about even waiting for a morning coffee to get ready.

When your weeks constantly are crazy busy, you have to step back and find out how you can manage a normal work-life balance!

work-life balance


Having excitement and adrenalin when you have multitasking is okay. But you have to be careful to stay in the middle and don’t overdo your duties.

I used to do it. Going crazy to finish my task list and sometimes I still push myself more than I supposed to! But I have changed a lot lately, which is good for my wellbeing and health. I stress less and try to accept that I cannot do everything immediately. Things need time to be done. We all have job, friends, family, kids to take care of. Working on something extra which will bring the benefit to your future is great but don’t let yourself to give up important moments from your present. Avoiding your friends or partner because you want to finish something (which can wait) can ruin your relationship!

Go to bed earlier and have the next episodes of your favourite series with your better half.  Have a walk with your friend and treat yourselves with an ice-cream!


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