How to achieve work-life balance

When you have a busy schedule and life, it is useful to set up some rules on how to achieve a manageable work-life balance. Here 9 ways of how to get it!

  1. Set work hours and try to stick to them

To avoid working until late night every day, you need to set up your working hours and try to leave your desk when it is over. Working an extra half an hour or so doesn’t hurt anyone, but don’t cancel any program because you feel that you have a lot on your plate and you have to finish all.

  1. Make a must-do, should-do and anytime separation

Making a to-do list is a fantastic tool to know what you have to deal with, but not everything on that list has the highest importance. You have to prioritize what must be done by a given deadline and what it can be done if you still have left time. The rest of them are not important, they are on the list to remind you, that needs to be done once.

  1. Give a timeline for each task

You can use an excel spreadsheet or anything that you feel confident to use. It could be paper! Set up a time limit for each task and see for how many of them you have time. You also can cut task half, like writing an essay can be done on different days.

  1. Preparation is the first step

Take enough time to make time! You have to add ‘preparation’ as a task each week. Need 1-2 hours to plan your week ahead.

work-life balance

  1. Make time for free time

Planning events, birthdays, day out, dinner etc. ahead is important. Write those events first in your calendar and plan your duties around them. In this case, you won’t miss any important social event and you avoid wasting your time when you know, that you need to go somewhere.

  1. Don’t be harsh to yourself

At the end of your day, check your list of how many tasks have been done. It helps you feel satisfied. Be realistic, when you finish a big project, you might don’t have time to do anything else. And this is okay.

  1. Give yourself a break

After each task try to do something that you enjoy. Read a new chapter of a book, watch a short series or drink tea! Some tasks are more difficult and time-consuming than others, and some days you have less break throughout a day than others, but make sure you have a bit time for yourself at least at the end of the day.

  1. Go for a holiday

I believe that you should go for a holiday every 2-3 months. It helps you to keep your mind fresh, recharge your motivation and boost your energy. It doesn’t have to be a long and expensive journey, a long weekend is more than enough for it.

  1. Say no

It is okay to say no for anyone, anytime. Just because you have a good heart, doesn’t mean that you have to do everything that you are asked for. If you say yes, make it clear that it won’t be happening immediately, you need time to get it done.

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