What can help when you have a problem in your relationship?

We all have a problem in our relations (friends, partner) from time to time. As long as you are happy with a person, don’t just give up, try to solve the problem.

A few things can help you to analyze a problem:

– A deep talking with a friend. Sharing opinions, examples and experiences help you realize how big (or small!) is the problem.

– Reading forums, blogs, group posts about different situations help me a lot to understand how lucky I am (at the moment :D) and when I make the problem bigger than they really are.

– Listening to other stories makes you think about your own life and relations.

– Lower your expectation. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have high expectations – I always mention it – and I know sometimes I overreacting situations, because of this. In these cases, I try to analyze other behaviors.


– When you are not sure why you keep in touch with someone or the relation serve you or not, make a list. You can make a pro-contra list which leads you to find reasons.

– Thinking about scenarios what your life would be with and without a person who gets your nerves sometimes. Uppss… 😀

– Therapy? I don`t have any experience in it, but I have read a few stories when people can find the way back to each other after a deep downturn.

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