Have you ever been a queen of your king?

I got pissed… again… slammed every door in the flat… just to be sure he knows exactly how mad I am.

Didn`t listen… again… I was talking and talking about our coming holiday and nothing. Talking to the wall! Ah….

Have you ever felt this way? Asking the same thing over and over again and still not happening. The other person is still not bothered to pay attention to your feelings.

Oh maan… how many times!

Then he is coming to you, try to do his best. And you know it! You know exactly he is not doing it (or actually doing it… okay now I am confused :D) because he doesn`t respect you, just because this is he. And you heard stories about cheating, lying, making fool of girls, avoiding their children, taking advantages and so many shitty things. I would believe it if I don`t see them with my eyes!


And yes… you realize that doesn`t matter that he is distracted sometimes, but you still feel like a queen with him. Because he treats you as his queen!

It is important to remember how grateful you should be the right person in your life. Take time to think about it, this will raise your energy level!


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