How to find opportunities to learn new skills and improve your knowledge


I have always been a fan of studying in a school where you have a teacher or tutor and your lessons are planned. However, I have started to be a self-student (busy life… huh…?) when I have to find information which serves my interests. It was difficult at the beginning but I have quite a few tips on how and where to search.

– You can find countless subjects to search for. Have a look: The first month is free but then you have to pay a fee.

– internship: You can search them on any job site, but to be honest, it didn’t work out for me. Most of them are expecting from you to be well experienced but then what is the reason for the internship? I am confused…

– youtube videos: You have to search a lot to find relevant information but worth it. When I was thinking to study graphic design, I got many useful ideas tips on how to start it.

– google: There are thousand site, forums, blogs, magazines in your topics from where you can learn a lot. It takes time to find good ones, but then you will be hypnotized by them and want to read all of the posts.


My advice is to start with Google and Youtube videos. Once you have your basic knowledge for free about your subject you can step further and sign up for At the same time, try to find an internship which is led by someone.


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