Is it too late for something fantastic happen?

Are you brave enough to have a fresh start?

A new career, a new relationship, a new major.

I remember years ago I had a deep conversation with one of my friends about our lives, our future, our dreams and how we see everything at that stage. He said – with his 23 years behind, oh boy! – it is too late to change his path. He had had his uni already, he has a job in hospitality and he will never find a way out. I was like come ooooon old man (with my 29 years, hm…?), wake up!

It is not too late! You are too young to accept your current life. If you are not happy, do something about it.

At that time I was struggling with a few things, more or less the same as him. I was desperate to find a way to get my feet in a marketing job. But the difference between us as I was constantly looking for ideas and opportunities.

Have you regretted to choose your major at uni? Who cares?! You can choose a different one and start something new which you would like. You would say this is expensive or it is a bad timing… EXCUSES! I know this… I had a lot of different excuses before. Money and time is never a problem. You can find a free option if you really want to….

Have you had your first love who is not with you anymore? I know that is hurt at this moment but – clicheeeeee but true! – life goes on! You still have years and years to find your soulmate. I met with a lot of guys, some were worse than the others but now I am with a great one – for 2.5 years now on.

Do you have a shitty job? Pf… at least you can pay your bills and you have a roof over your head. Find something better and don’t accept the fact as they are.

Plenty of opportunities out there but I think our main problem is to think that we do not have time to change anything. But why it that? The time flies even we stay in the shitty situation or believe that working on something for – sometimes – years leads somewhere better.


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