Why making a To Do list improve your efficiency

10 reason why you should do a To Do List

When you have a busy day or week it is recommendable to create a To Do list. It helps you to be more efficient and makes you sure to finish all of the important tasks you have to do.


  1. Improve your decision-making skills: you will be more manageable.
  2. Help you to be focused: you know what are the most important tasks and what needs to be finished later.
  3. Relieve stress and anxiety: knowing your tasks priority makes you less worried about deadlines or forget something important.
  4. Feeling productive: a To Do list let you review your tasks and re-prioritize them anytime.
  5. Keep you motivated: you can see your goals and what you need to achieve.
  6. Feeling satisfied: finishing a task makes you feel grateful.
  7. Improve your time management: checking your daily list makes you manage your time better and keep you away wasting your time.
  8. Makes you flexible: be aware of pops up tasks when something comes up without planning it in your day. Just check your schedule and re-organize your list.
  9. Specify: break big tasks into steps. Cleaning a house is a big one, so break it down places in your house and schedule them.
  10. Helps you enjoy your time: you allow more free time for yourself when you know everything has its own time to be done.


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