Is it possible to be happy in the workplace?

Are you happy in your workplace? Have you ever been happy at any of your workplaces?

Most of you say yes, most of you say no. Probably.

Is everything perfect there? We all will say no! For sure!

Does it matter? Not every time…

Actually, I am happy at my current place. It is far from to be perfect, but compare with my previous one it is close to heaven! I mean it, believe me! Sometimes it is chaotic, sometimes busy and sometimes everything is just pain in the neck, but – and this is important – I like to be there.

Why? You would ask… Well… The environment is comfy and my colleagues are friendly and kind and we are all on the same level. I mean that doctors and nurses never treat us admin staff and receptionists less than them. I have never felt it so far.

happy workplace

We all have each other back, we are making coffee and tea each other (might be small things to you but it is really important and it is the way you express your kindness and greatness towards the others), getting help from each other, sharing personal problems, funny stories, movies ideas or even recipes! Yes, just two days ago I sent a Hungarian dishes’ recipe to one of the GPs. I am waiting for the feedback… 😀

Sometimes I am tired and unhappy because the salary could be better and at the beginning it was a nightmare. We didn’t have a manager and we had barely any training. Things are better now, however, the monthly payment still needs some improvement. 😀

But! I am glad to have friends there and I have time to make tea without any fear from my boss as before each time I left my working station. I know how it having CCTV literally everywhere in the place (okay not in the toilet… bless!) and when your boss is watching them regularly – just for fun to find something to complain about you… not fun…

I know how you have to count every single second when you have a break and worried about minutes. I know how stressed you are getting feedback after complete a task. Oh boy! And so many examples!

Now everything is behind me now! Nobody is watching every breath I take, nobody bites my head when I make mistakes, nobody tells anything when my break is a few minutes longer than supposed to be. It means a lot and changes your mood and attitude in your daily life.

If you have any experience – bad or good – please share with us! 😉

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