13 things that a comfy workplace can do to you

1.Reduce stress: create a better health

2. Improve your energy and productivity: feeling good help focus on tasks and complete them

3. Create greater loyalty to the place: staying longer period

4. Avoid your absence: don’t feel to call sick

5. Improves teamwork: help to make friends, go out together

6. Get support from colleagues: you have each other back and you are not coming after each other

7. Not afraid to make mistakes: brave to admit to making mistakes

8. Encourage to ask questions: nobody makes you feel stupid

9. Help to have open and honest communication: there is nothing to hide

10. Like to go to work: without any stone in your stomach…

11. Make you more flexible and helpful: you feel appreciated

12. Improves decision-making and motivation: you have the freedom to work on your own way

13. Increase self-esteem and confidence: because of all of them above

comfy workplace

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