10 benefits of travelling 

Check this 10 points list why you should say yes to new adventures

1.    Reduce stress: travelling temporarily disconnect us from our daily routine, problem and stress.

2.    Being more tolerant: connect with different people from different cultures. We can learn a lot of them and being more understanding about differences in the world.

3.    Boost your confidence: step out of your comfort zone and trying new things help you to be more confident and brave in different situations.

4.   Gives unforgettable memories.

5.   Makes you appreciate more your home, family, friends and daily life.


6.      Gives you the opportunity to re-think your life and what changes you want to proceed.

7.      Never makes you feel guilty to spend money.

8.      Builds a strong relationship: travel with friends helps build bonds during explore new things and share moments.

9.      Improves your health: walking instead of sitting is a huge advantage of it.

10.   Try different cultures cuisine.

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