Travel as much as you can

I never had a chance to travel when I was a child. Even during university, I was jealous of my friends who had an opportunity to go to different conferences and do a sightseeing tour at the same time.

My first journey abroad was at my 3rd grade when the expenses was covered by the uni. We went to see the EU main buildings. I remember we had been in the Parliament of Budapest, Strasbourg and mainly Brussels. It was a fantastic opportunity and experience of me. It was a moment when I promised myself that one day I will be traveling to as many countries and cities as I can and I am coming back to Brussels as well.

Since then I have been in Italy, Dublin, Amsterdam, Norwegian, Brussels of course 🙂 and just a week ago in Portugal. It is my time – I can say. 🙂 And I am really grateful for this.

I believe a lot of people love travelling for the same reason(s)… Personally, I enjoy leaving my routine behind. As soon as I arrive in a new place I feel free. I do not have to do the laundry, I do not have to be stressed at work, I do not have to study and do not have to deal with any of my regular staff. Holiday must be a holiday. It might be exhausting but in a good way. You are walking a lot, you wake up early to be able to see as many tourists places as you can and you go to bed late. But worth it. Every minute. I never spend money like there is no tomorrow, but I never regret to spend some on holidays. Time pays back anyway. Feeling free, stress-free and relaxed during a week or two (and even after back to reality) worth every penny.

Sometimes I do not have a chance to take a long journey so I do a day trip. There are many cities are a few hours away from where I live (and close to you for sure!). I like exploring new places and rolling around.

I encourage you to travel as much as you can. It gives you time to think about anything, get relaxed, refill your energy and get your motivation back. Also, it is a great opportunity to meet new people, learn more about a different culture, taste unusual foods and drinks and learn more about you.

What is your favourite destination so far?

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