More positivity of more negativity in your life? You decide…

Have you ever felt negative? Of course, we all do from time to time.

Did you let your negative thoughts to eat your energy and mood? Yes… No…

It is difficult to be positive and optimistic when we have problems in our lives. Especially, when we feel that everything is a mess and we don’t see any solution any soon.

Sometimes we are just not trying hard enough to find that solution. We feel week, powerless and sad.

It is okay to let storm these feelings through you, but don’t let them stay long!

Negativity gets more negativity, but this works the same for positivity! Positivity gets more positivity!

positivity – your decision

One of my colleagues from the past was more or less in the same situation as I had. She got a part-time job after she was without a job for a month. She had financial problems, the part-timer salary was not enough for her, and she was chasing her dream jobs. She was negative, sad and quiet all day. I could understand her problems of course and knew that period was really hard for her, but still was really difficult to work with her! Gosh… We didn’t really like to stay with her, to be honest. Her face was miserable and she doesn’t like anything in that job. We tried to involve her in conversations with other colleagues, but she was not in a mood. Never. We tried to give her advice on how she can get another job or find a weekend job to top up her salary, but she wasn’t really interested in anything.

We all have problems, but we need to find good moments in every day. When you have a great company at work, you should use it to cheer yourself up and not staying with your sad thoughts all day.

It is up to you to use positive environment and get those feelings around you or ignore the chance of feeling better. I hope you use more positivity!

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