10 ways to avoid negativity

Here are my 10 practical advices how to stay positive

  1. Practice gratitude: think about what makes you happy instead of what you don’t like.
  2. Forgiveness: try to get over what someone sometimes told you. Especially, when this person is in your life at school, work etc.
  3. Don’t get others negativity: difficult to avoid negative people during your day (school, work), but don’t let them involve in their negative behaviours.
  4. Focus on your present: a good lunch at school, a quiet moment at work when you can share stories with your mates are helpful.
  5. Stop complaining: it doesn’t get you anywhere and others get annoyed around you. Express yourself instead with a positive attitude.
  6. Say stop to negative talk: when you have a feeling you are not good enough at something, forget it and do your best. Do not put you down.

    Stay positive
  7. Feel nature: go for a walk instead gets the bus after your shift or read a book at the park. Nature boosts your positivity.
  8. Focus on the solution: do not care about much what went wrong. Think about how you can fix it.
  9. Find a new hobby: find something to help distract your thoughts from your daily problems.
  10. Yellow colour: get a shirt or paint your walls yellow. It gives you warmness, happiness, optimism and positivity.

Also, check my previous blog post, which gives you 7 tools to use to stay positive.

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